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Bring Back Amy's Shirt

For those of you in the know of Doctor Who, you may be interested in know that we, by which I mean people at dw_cosplay, were are to identify Amy's shirt from last season. Unfortunately, Uniqlo has stopped producing the shirt.

This makes us very sad. :'<

So, one very intelligent user, huskk, decided that we should all try to bring back Amy's shirt.

So far, there is a petition and FB page started by another_myself to bring back the shirt.

For those of you without Facebook, there is a tumblr page created by bluetooth16 to help spread the message.

Please, even if you're not fond of Amy or familiar with Doctor Who,  please help us to try to bring back the shirt. You can simply go to the FB page to 'like' us and sign the petition. When sharing the page please add the wither of the following message: 'We love Amy. We also love the way she dresses. Please help us Amy cosplayers and all Amy lovers by getting Uniqlo to re-release her shirts. Copy and paste this message to pass along the word!'

If you wish to go the extra mile, then please send a message following to the the following address: If you live in a different country and there is a Uniqlo service there, then send the petition to that particular branch!

Subject Line: Uniqlo 3/4 length sleeve check shirt re-release

Dear Uniqlo Customer Service,

My name is __(Your Name)____ and I'm interested in a shirt of yours featured on the television series "Doctor Who". The shirt is the Uniqlo Light Cotton 3/4 Length Sleeve Check Shirt in (Red), (Grey) and (Pink). Item #064777. Unfortunately, it was discontinued this year. I, along with many others, would love to get this shirt re-released. Is there anything we, as Uniqlo fans, can do to make thispossible?

Thanks you very much for your time,

_____(Your Name)_________

Please show your support and help us bring these darling shirts back. Cross-post this to anwhere you can! Try to spread the message everywhere you can. The more support we have, then the more likely Uniqlo will re-release the shirts. So, please help us out in this grand endeavor.


For those of you with a tum
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I think my new Years Resolution should be post more.

Anyways, I went out today to pick my Mom's meds and hang out with my friend David. \o/ It was cold out today but whatever. We went to Nintendo World to talk to Mario....Yeah, talk to MArio. It's hard to explain, but who ever mans that Mario thing is SUPER knolegde about place and the Mario or Nintendo franchise. Seriously, so many thing.

I also got a 3ds XL for Christmas. 8DD I'm playing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time~ I can't say it's my FAVORITE Zelda game since that title belongs to Majora's Mask. It certain started my obsession with it. David laughed a great deal when I drooled and pressed my face against the glass for anything Zelda related. I even slide to the ground clutch the glass. Yeah, it probably looked funny to others, but* DGAF! Seriously, so many pretty Zelda things. Granted, as much as I loved Zelda, DW beats that obsession......OTL

Afterwards, we head to Forest Hills and ate at Boston Market. We ate and talked. It was fun. Next week, I'm going to my friend Kate for pot luck. Woohoo! 8D

I miss hanging out with my BFF, Sam. It seems, for the most part I can't get a hold of her. I guess I should feel bad, but at the same time she's distancing her from me. I think it the fact that she can no longer complain about parents and stuff to me. I guess I should feel hurt, but I don't. I've noticed that Sam has been like that. I've helped her through so many things, but when I needed her there she was busy. 8C I don't mind when I hang with Sam that David comes along since she feels more comfortable about it. Part of me wonders if it okay to accept this, but at the same time, all of Sam's drama had me in a tizzy.

Especially, her obsession with weight lose. Sometimes, it's like talking with her is a brick wall. *Sigh* Still, I'll contact her next week to see if she wants to hang. I mean, I can't complain about friends, I've made many new ones this year. So, hopefully last ear terribleness will get better. In the meantime, I will play more Zelda!

Also, I beat the Bottom of the Well super quick, b/c IT FREAKS ME THE FUCK OUT. *hides* The Master Quest made is worse. I can watch horror movies but those don't affect me, but the Bottom of the WELL in Zelda does.....I have no clue why. I mean the Shadow Temple is WORSE, but I love that Temple ....It confuses me. 8|a I blame the Dead Hand.

Also, the Hobbit was greeeeat. I NEED TO SEE IT MANY MORE TIMES. I need to beat my Avengers re-watch number....Which was 7....>> << Nooo, it's no excessive.....Also, Django Unchained.
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Well, I am not dead. Not really. Anyways, I really should make it a point to use my DW more.

Between everything that has been happening in the last few months, I realize that when I type or ramble on my DW. I feel better. Granted, I dont always talk about the maddening doctor visits. The helplessness I feel at watching my mother not being able to move around her and how useless I am. (Which isn't true, but I still feel that way) It makes me feel more depressed than I already am.

So, from now on no matter what I'm feeling. I need to start writing on my DW. Yeah, probably on the really bad days, I'll post about stuff that is just maddening and that I need to get off my chest. In the meantime, I'll talk about other things.

Okay, so...Um, in the last few months, things haven't gotten better for my mom. We didn't find a podiatrist that make house visit. He's incredibly sweet and hilarious. Apart from that, I also spent five days at my friend Kaitlyn house which was a frikkin relief. I just had to decide what to do for the day and that pretty much it.

As October is right around the corner, it mean the NYCC is upon us. Now, I've finally gotten into Kamen Rider. (FoOurze and Double. Now watch the new show Wizard.) I'm planning to cosplay Tomoko Nozoma from Fourze. Clara from DW and my thrid cosplay. IDK. If I happen to find a nice white dress, then I gonna be Ahim de Famille from Gokaiger.

Also, David got me a R4 card for my b-day. It was an awesome gift....Until my DSi disappeared.was stolen. I suspect that the home aid took it since I had my DS with me when I left the ambulette that took my mom, the aid and me to her Doctor visit. I really wanna cry over it since that DSi was a gift from David and so was the R4 card. I am trying so hard not to break into tears. My mom says to wait and see what happens tomorrow. If my DSi mysteriously re-appears, then I know that the aid took it. If it doesn't that means that day was cursed. Seriously, Monday was a terrible day.

That's all for now.

Here's a video!

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Good and bad

So, my mother is getting out of the rehab place tomorrow. Which, makes me very happy. (Sadly, a small part of me is disappointed. Since, most of the time, I had the house to myself and did everything for myself. WHich I will miss)

Don't get me wrong. There is NOTHING bad about my mom getting out of rehab. I don't even have to woory to much about her care since we will have a in care nurse. (We're going to try to get 12 hours at most. Since my mom Lupus is still pretty bad. Hopefully, we get 24 hour care in the near fworries about payuture) Since she had medicare and medicaid, no worry about payments. My main worry is how the lawsuit will go. D8 Still, this makers me happy.

The main problem is that my grandmother came back from Peru yesterday. A part of me that is dutiful make me want to say, 'Even despite this I love my grandmother', but I can't. I tolerate her. I care for her. Yes, I sometimes lik her, but that is the best you will get out of me. Love what little love I had for the woman, along with patience, has evaporated. I would go on to explain why, but not right now. Considering how emotional I'm feeling, it'll end up super long entry with me feel sad and disappointed. Also, lots of tears. Additionally, like a mentioned in a past post, it won't help my depression. (Which for the most part been stable)

I don't feel like doing such a thing. Not now, my mom is coming home and I don't have to worry about that. Though, I will tell her what exactly will happen if she starts harassing my mother, or the nurse. My mother doesn't need the stress. Neither do I, but someone needs to put their foot down. t won't be my mother or Papi since they're too soft-hearted. (In my Papi's case, still madly in love)

Anyways, after that slightly depressing piece, I went to hang out with Abe this past Saturday. It was pretty fun! Though, I pretty sure it w asn't hanging out but a date. He pretty much paid for everything. I felt bad, so I limited myself on stuff. Ugh, Abe is a nice guy and we have a lot in common, but not looking for a relationship with anyone. I have too many things in my life to sort out before I even start doing important stuff like looking into finishing college and what I want to do in the future. Dating it the LAST thing on my mind.

Ugh, part of me just wants to sat that he was paying cuz he was a gentleman, but the more rational part of me says nope. *Sigh* I'm giving this another chance before I let him down and offer to be friends. Cuz, he's a cool guy. Also, I need another DW nerd to hang with.

We went to see Prometheus which wasn't bad. Sure, there where SO many things wrong with the movie, but I'm one those people that can turn off their brain for a little while and enjoy a movie. ESPECIALLY, if it's alien movie or a monster/horror movie.

Also, next month on the 17th of next month, going to be spending few days in Kaitlyn's house. 8D Well, bake, watch Doctor who and all kinds of things. Anyways, gonna check out now. Still, need to look into more jobs, I need to get hired soon GRRRR.

Oddly enough, hearing the Gokaiger theme never fails to cheer me up. Here all the ending put together. If you wondering what the hell Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. It's Pirate Task Force aka Pirate Power Ranger...(from space)

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I am not dead

Okay, so I haven't posted in awhile. I'm sorry for that. I've just been busy for few weeks. Anyways, long story short, it most Mom's stuff. Good news: Her shingles have gotten better. She gotten approved for both medicare AND medicaid. Also, home attend included. She also may be getting out soon. \o/

The Bad News? Um, my grandmother is coming back from Peru on Monday. OTL Hello backhanded compliments and her acting like an entitled brat for no good reason. Also, arguement between her and my Papi. Yaaaaay! (I'm being sarcastic on that)

Anyways, aside from that. A few weeks ago, David, Sam and I finally did our little LAN party which was massively fun. We ate pizza and played Both Just Dance 3 and Super Smash Brother Melee. We did individual fight before we did eame character fights and a teaming up, Sam and I, against David. Sadly, we did not watch any movies. Since, David did not realize that Wiis do not play DVDs XD

Last Saturday, I went to a DW cosplay meet up which was massively fun. Kaitlyn came out to the city and we did stuff. We walk to Columbus Circle from 34 Street. We ate ice cream while waiting for the rest of the DW group to show. (The grand total of the meet up: 7 (Two of which were not in costume) Still, we took lots of picture and did nerdy things. I will not show the pics cuz I do not have them. They are on FB and I'm self conscious about my photo being taken.

Tomorrow, I'm meeting up with a friend. So, how that goes. I'll tell when I get back.

UM, as an apology...Have a kitten video!


(no subject)

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I guess it took me a while to stop freaking out over the fact my mom has been finally diagnosed with lupus. It all felt so surreal. It felt like I was five years old all over again. (Meaning: My mother being in pain, but the doctors not knowing what was wrong with my mother. Then after nearly two years of waiting, we find out it's sclerosing cholangitis) Though, I'm happy that we found out so quickly and found a doctor willing to help her.

Additionally, there I have friends who are here to support me and no one telling me, "Your mom is going to die get over it." (Yes, I was told this at the age of five by ANOTHER ADULT. WHO SAYS THAT TO A KID?)

Anyways, I'm still freaking out. Also, it doesn't help that are a ton of other things that are freaking me out.

So, that the update for now. Sorry that it's a sad update. (Though, this time I'm not a sobbing mess. I got it mostly out of my system.)

Oh, on the other hand. My mom now has Medicaid again. 8D YAY! No more hospital worries!
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I made French Toast today. Not that I've never cooked before or never made French toast before since I have, but I just wanted say that I made French toast. Also, I think I just like saying and typing French Toast. GO figure.

Anyways, Friday was pretty fun. Sam, my bff, joined David and I to see the Avengers. Granted, when we met up, she was pissed of as HELL. Since I do know Sam a lot longer, I usually kept chatting to David. (When she that pissed of, I let her calm do or else she'll just start snapping at people) David asked if she needed to talk it out. She said no. I explained to him that it's best just to let her cool down on her own.

Anyways, when we got on the Q17 we sat down. After a few minutes, Sam calmed down. I will admit I'm no comic geek. I know a fair bit about it since one of my former friends was a HUGE comic book lover. I learned quite a bit of comic book knowledge by way of Linkara and, oddly enough fanfiction. Though, thanks to the age of the internet, I've learned quite a bit about various superheroes. Anyways, I ended up talking a bit about Black Widow. I had told them that many people kept wondering why she was part of the Avenger movie. Anyways, I mention that Storm was part of the Avenger, but the main reason she, nor any other mutant, wouldn't appear in the Avenger's movie was because of Fox. (Fun Fact: X-men, along with any other Marvel superhero with mutant power, belongs to Fox. Save for Spiderman who is owned by Sony. Though, can Spiderman be classified as "mutant" since he got bitten by a radioactive spider 8|a) It evolved into a discussion about other Marvel super-heroines. Funnily enough, David did not know the name of the invisible woman, Susan Storm, and kept insisting the Jean Grey was her relative.

How he got that Idea I will never know.

Afterwards, we arrived to the theater. We bought our tickets to The Avengers. (Thank you stubs rewards~) Then, we made our way to Hooters, which is really just next to the theater. We got a very warm welcome by the staff which shouted their greetings. One thing I'd like to point out, sorry if it sounds out or plain weird, is that the girls, um assets were big, but I've seen bigger. (Mostly on most of the female in my family o_0) As from that weird fact, the food was delicious. They had a potato salad to DIE for. Seriously, I've gone to many place with potato salad and most have been 'meh' or okay. Also, the wings, we ordered boneless, we succulent and moist. I can't complain about the food.

Afterwards, we ran to theater 4 and find seats. We argued a bit about seating since the floor was super sticky, in the end we stayed. Thankfully, David end up in the seat the super sticky floor. BWAHAHA. I got the not sticky floor. Anyways, the movie was still great. THough, you could not find a LESS enthusiastic audience. Seriously, the last two audience were super into it. (I hope the next I go the audience will be more enthusiastic.)

Anyways, when we exited we talked about other movies that we wanted to see. We're all definitely gonna go see Spiderman and Batman. (We talked about midnight openings but David wouldn't be able to make them. If not me and Sam can go. If Sam can't go, then I'll go by myself 8p) Anyways,when we got on the bus we talked more about Marvel and Superhero movies. We talked of the future Antman movie which was met with groans. Also, Sam stated that she'd love to see Scarlet Witch in the next movie or She-hulk. I mentioned unless Marvel manages to to not connect either Scarlett Witch or Quicksilver as mutant or not mention Magneto as their father, it's unlikely. David did notice that no mentions of mutant were mentioned at all in the Avengers. (again, it's likely that Marvel studios wanted to avoid a lawsuit?)

Anyways, we ended talking about Avenger and sequels. We know most sequels tend to be bad, but maybe Iron Man 3 or even Avenger 2 might disprove that. Then we got into the Iron Man movies and the guys who played Rhodey. We all mention who was the better actor Terrance Howard or DOn Cheadle. While Cheadle wasn't bad, I preferred Howard. It was then the bus chimed in about Terrance being too greedy and pretty much screwed himself out of being War Machine, which is pretty much true. He pretty much would have made himself iconic, if he hadn't gotten greedy. (I find it hilarious that the bus driver chimed in too)

When we arrived to Main Street we talked about Stan Lee's cameo in the Avengers which was a gyp. We ended up talking about getting his autograph at the Next COmic Con. Also, how it will be a sad day when he finally passes on. Just thinking about such a thought make me teary eyed. Then, we all said good-bye. Afterwards, crazy me, instead of going to sleep watch Friday Night Who.

We watched Frontier in Space. By the time that ended, at around 3am, I was exhausted.

I cannot wait til this week. I will have the Second season on Xena in my grasp. MWAHAHAHA. Anyways, I'm off to sleep.

I hope the job I applied for calls me back this week. I'll give til this Tuesday before I apply to the other two place near me.

Also I leave you with this

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Cuz Doctor Who overrides common sense and sleeep

Yeah, 'll talk about how yesterday went later. Seriously, I just watched Friday Night Doctor Who. It's was the 3rd Doctor story line Frontier in Space. I should have gone to sleep, but fuck it. It was Doctor Who. I have nothing to do tomorrow. So, now I'll crash and end up sleeping til the afternoon. (Though, knowing my body it will say, 'LOL nope we're waking up at 8!)
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(no subject)

Tomorrow, I am going to go see The Avengers for a third time! Hooray! I'm going to go see it with my friend, David. Since the shawarma place is about a half an hour walk from there, we're going to eat at Hooters.

No lie, I've been wanting to check out Hooters since it first opened. Sadly, none of my friends have wanted to go there with me. Granted, I want to see with my own eyes what they say about the waitresses are true. Also, I want burgers and wings.

Anyways, I nearly finished watching Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. I'm only about five or so episodes away from the series finale. Honestly, I'm so glad that I met Kaitlyn. Yeah, I'll admit now I'm sort of obsessed with Sentai, but I'll have someone to talk Sentai with. Also, I have a feeling that I'll soon be into Kamen Rider. Courtesy of Kaitlyn. Also, I need to keep reading the Doctor Who novel Kate sent me. I'm sooo thankful that Kate's been a Whovian longer than I am. Granted, she's feeding my Whovian side. (Shameless plugging, but check out her tumblr

I've seen the preview for Elementary. I'm not all that impressed. Then again, it could be the fact that I dislike Lucy Lu. Still, I'm willing to give the show a chance. I'm sort of sad they didn't make Joan an army doctor. Female army doctor need more love.

I know. I already posted this before but I still find this video amazing. Seriously, Simon has been on our side of the pond for too long. How can he NOT appreciate this?