Kini (aka Kat) (kinirokitsune) wrote,
Kini (aka Kat)

Writer's Block: It must be love

Do you remember your first crush? Did you ever tell that person about your feelings?

I'm bored and and sick. So, I'll be doing a couple of writer blocks to pass the time.

Yup. I remember my first crush. I was about 5 or 6. It was a boy in my class. His name was Christopher. I liked him because he was cute and he talked to me. (I was the odd kid in my class. I hadn't been in Pre-K in that school, so I was the "Stranger") Still, he only played with me once. I got over my crush on him fairly quickly. I never told him since I was pretty young at the time.

Of course, it eventually came out that I had once had a crush on him. This was years later in the 6th grade. (I went to Catholic School, so most of the class stayed together) He bothered for the longest time for it. Until I told him that I had a crush on when I was in Kindergarten and after that, it went away. He still bothered me for it.

Though, when we were in 8th Grade, he kept asking me if I had ever gone to River Dance on Broadway. He loved it. (I was the only one in class that ever went to Musical/Broadway plays that weren't just Class trips) He kept bugging me and asking me whether I seen it or not.
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