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29 September 2020 @ 01:36 am
Bring Back Amy's Shirt  
For those of you in the know of Doctor Who, you may be interested in know that we, by which I mean people at dw_cosplay, were are to identify Amy's shirt from last season. Unfortunately, Uniqlo has stopped producing the shirt.

This makes us very sad. :'<

So, one very intelligent user, huskk, decided that we should all try to bring back Amy's shirt.

So far, there is a petition and FB page started by another_myself to bring back the shirt.

For those of you without Facebook, there is a tumblr page created by bluetooth16 to help spread the message.

Please, even if you're not fond of Amy or familiar with Doctor Who,  please help us to try to bring back the shirt. You can simply go to the FB page to 'like' us and sign the petition. When sharing the page please add the wither of the following message: 'We love Amy. We also love the way she dresses. Please help us Amy cosplayers and all Amy lovers by getting Uniqlo to re-release her shirts. Copy and paste this message to pass along the word!'

If you wish to go the extra mile, then please send a message following to the the following address: customerservice@uniqlo-usa.com If you live in a different country and there is a Uniqlo service there, then send the petition to that particular branch!

Subject Line: Uniqlo 3/4 length sleeve check shirt re-release

Dear Uniqlo Customer Service,

My name is __(Your Name)____ and I'm interested in a shirt of yours featured on the television series "Doctor Who". The shirt is the Uniqlo Light Cotton 3/4 Length Sleeve Check Shirt in (Red), (Grey) and (Pink). Item #064777. Unfortunately, it was discontinued this year. I, along with many others, would love to get this shirt re-released. Is there anything we, as Uniqlo fans, can do to make thispossible?

Thanks you very much for your time,

_____(Your Name)_________

Please show your support and help us bring these darling shirts back. Cross-post this to anwhere you can! Try to spread the message everywhere you can. The more support we have, then the more likely Uniqlo will re-release the shirts. So, please help us out in this grand endeavor.


For those of you with a tum
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