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02 May 2012 @ 09:38 pm
Really me? I want to cry over this?  
So, I went into an interview last week. I did not get the job. I did not know this since they guy never mentioned that he would call Tuesday to say whether a position was available for me or not.

Now, I am no stranger to not get a response or a second call back, but for some strange reason. I wanted to cry over this B| It's not like I pinned all my hopes on this one job since I'm still looking for one and not giving up. Still, I dont WHY I want to cry over this. Maybe I am feeling over emotional since it's that time of the month again. B| Still, not impressed with myself.

BUT, I have the Avenger Midnight Viewing to look forward to tomorrow! The thought of seeing them on the big screen make me go 8D Ooooh, well. Aside from that, nothing new. (Also, I wanna drool over RDJ and Tom Hiddleston repeatedly. Also, Scarlett Johansson being sexy and badass. *APPROVES* B|b Also, Avengers. )

Though, it still seriously bugging me that I felt, and still feel, sorta feel like crying over a not getting job B| Really? I guess it's the fact that nearly two years of looking and nothing. (It would have been three year, but I don't count that year since I didn't want to and was afraid to not be near my Mom. Seriously, 2010 was NOT a very fun year for me)

Annnnyways, I'll be going tomorrow to do some stuffffffff~ Also, yeah.

I'm pretty happy over the fact my mom and I were worrying about the fact we couldn't afford the money for the ambulette for her on Friday to go get an MRI. Thankfully, the nurses did a mini charity thing and we got the 80 dollars for the ride. Thank GOD.

Also, is it silly to stop yourself from crying over something so stupid? I mean I try not to dwell on bad stuff due to my depression, which I have been battling for years, and it'll end up leaving me in a funk. (So, yeah. Not doing that. Also, being depressed makes me not play video game or watch tv....or do pretty much anything. Hell going outside would be a chore. As of right now, if I had the money, I'd be going out everyday and do just to...do stuff)

Also, I love my friend Stephanie, but girl, I don't have to money to hang out right now where you wanna go to. I AM BROKE. Okay, it's off to Craiglist again to search for jobs!

I was originally gonna post a Fresh Prince Blooper reel, but since Youtube won't let me....Here's the Deliver Us in European Spanish.

Also, yeah there is a difference between Latin Spanish and European Spanish. This video below is the Latin Spanish version. I love both equally. (Granted, it could be the fact I love the Prince of Egypt in whatever Spanish or language ^_^)

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