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16 May 2012 @ 12:52 am
I need a nostalgic icon  
So, I've been on a bit of a nostalgia kick. This pretty much means I went to youtube and looked for all of my old favorite cartoon series. So be forewarned, this post will contain a lot of video and short rambling about said series.

Ah, Mr Bogus. It's one of those cartoons that pretty much everyone has forgotten. I love this cartoon as a kid. As a kid, I always tried to look for gremlin inside my walls. TO be fair, I was five and didn't know any better. Not to mention, I kept trying to find which closet lead to Narnia....(

Oh Peter. I had such a terrible crush on him. Often, I used to wish that I could fly to Neverland to meet him and hang out with Wendy. (Yes, I liked Peter but didn't hate Wendy) Now that I think about it, how did Wendy not go crazy living with a bunch of boys? Also, since she and her brother lived there, how did showering and bath work? 8|a

You know, I think this maybe be the intro to Iron Man.....XD Yeah, I loved watching this series since Tony was amazing. Granted, I think I liked second intro better than the first intro as a kid. I think my kid self appreciated the presence of a half naked Tony Stark. Then again, who would say no to a half naked Tony. (Especially if said Tony is played by RDJ) Still, this was one of the MANY super hero cartoon I used to watch. (The others were Batman, Spiderman, Superman and the Fantastic Four)

Conan: The Barbarian. What can I say about this series? I just loved it. It was full of action, adventure, fighting and magic. What more could a girl want? Granted, I don't remember many of the episode, save for one or two, but I enjoyed watching this series.


I can't embed this video which makes me sad, but it doesn't make. The Pirates of Dark Water. What can I saw apart that this show was pretty ahead of its time. It was a great show really. I still remember ALL the episode which surprises me. I know the series is out on dvd, but I know for a fact that WB just slaps on the DVD's. There is no subtitles or anything. I feel terrible for it to get such a bad treatment. Hell, it got bad treatment back in the day. I clearly remember Cartoon Netwrok promising to show us clips from the second season on to show a kitten lapping milk. Then saying, 'Ooops look like someone recorded over it.' I remember crying in frustration. (Fun fact: I had such a crush on Ren....and now that I'm older. I can safely say I had a crush on Tula. Hell, as a Kid I thought Tula, Ioz and Ren would end up together. Granted, they shippedteased Ren/Tula and Ioz/Tula, but I thought they all needed each to work together. )

Arthur & the Knight of Justice. Modern days football team trapped in Medieval times. Oh, did I mention is a play on King Arthur. Seriously, I thought this show was the bomb. When it got cancelled I was mad. Thankfully, they still showed the series in Peru for many years.....before it stopped being shown.

Swat Kats: Radical Squadron. What can I say? It's Swat Kats.

Now, you must be thinking where are the girl shows? Aside from the occasionally my little pony. The girliest things I watched were Care Bears and Sailor Moon. There is ONE show that I used to watch, but for the life of me I can't remember the name.

Apart from the intro, I remember nothing about this show.

Carmen Sandiego. It's learning and adventure....all in one show!

Here a few shows that I liked, but makes me wonder about my tastes at the time.

Yeaaah....Not must to say about this one.

...I loved it! It's my guilty pleasure. (Even if it's bad and corny)

Um, yeah....James bond Jr. I don't know why I liked it.
Well, that's the list. I have a LOT more stuff I used to watch back in the day, but this it for now.

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