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20 May 2012 @ 05:03 pm
I made French Toast today. Not that I've never cooked before or never made French toast before since I have, but I just wanted say that I made French toast. Also, I think I just like saying and typing French Toast. GO figure.

Anyways, Friday was pretty fun. Sam, my bff, joined David and I to see the Avengers. Granted, when we met up, she was pissed of as HELL. Since I do know Sam a lot longer, I usually kept chatting to David. (When she that pissed of, I let her calm do or else she'll just start snapping at people) David asked if she needed to talk it out. She said no. I explained to him that it's best just to let her cool down on her own.

Anyways, when we got on the Q17 we sat down. After a few minutes, Sam calmed down. I will admit I'm no comic geek. I know a fair bit about it since one of my former friends was a HUGE comic book lover. I learned quite a bit of comic book knowledge by way of Linkara and, oddly enough fanfiction. Though, thanks to the age of the internet, I've learned quite a bit about various superheroes. Anyways, I ended up talking a bit about Black Widow. I had told them that many people kept wondering why she was part of the Avenger movie. Anyways, I mention that Storm was part of the Avenger, but the main reason she, nor any other mutant, wouldn't appear in the Avenger's movie was because of Fox. (Fun Fact: X-men, along with any other Marvel superhero with mutant power, belongs to Fox. Save for Spiderman who is owned by Sony. Though, can Spiderman be classified as "mutant" since he got bitten by a radioactive spider 8|a) It evolved into a discussion about other Marvel super-heroines. Funnily enough, David did not know the name of the invisible woman, Susan Storm, and kept insisting the Jean Grey was her relative.

How he got that Idea I will never know.

Afterwards, we arrived to the theater. We bought our tickets to The Avengers. (Thank you stubs rewards~) Then, we made our way to Hooters, which is really just next to the theater. We got a very warm welcome by the staff which shouted their greetings. One thing I'd like to point out, sorry if it sounds out or plain weird, is that the girls, um assets were big, but I've seen bigger. (Mostly on most of the female in my family o_0) As from that weird fact, the food was delicious. They had a potato salad to DIE for. Seriously, I've gone to many place with potato salad and most have been 'meh' or okay. Also, the wings, we ordered boneless, we succulent and moist. I can't complain about the food.

Afterwards, we ran to theater 4 and find seats. We argued a bit about seating since the floor was super sticky, in the end we stayed. Thankfully, David end up in the seat the super sticky floor. BWAHAHA. I got the not sticky floor. Anyways, the movie was still great. THough, you could not find a LESS enthusiastic audience. Seriously, the last two audience were super into it. (I hope the next I go the audience will be more enthusiastic.)

Anyways, when we exited we talked about other movies that we wanted to see. We're all definitely gonna go see Spiderman and Batman. (We talked about midnight openings but David wouldn't be able to make them. If not me and Sam can go. If Sam can't go, then I'll go by myself 8p) Anyways,when we got on the bus we talked more about Marvel and Superhero movies. We talked of the future Antman movie which was met with groans. Also, Sam stated that she'd love to see Scarlet Witch in the next movie or She-hulk. I mentioned unless Marvel manages to to not connect either Scarlett Witch or Quicksilver as mutant or not mention Magneto as their father, it's unlikely. David did notice that no mentions of mutant were mentioned at all in the Avengers. (again, it's likely that Marvel studios wanted to avoid a lawsuit?)

Anyways, we ended talking about Avenger and sequels. We know most sequels tend to be bad, but maybe Iron Man 3 or even Avenger 2 might disprove that. Then we got into the Iron Man movies and the guys who played Rhodey. We all mention who was the better actor Terrance Howard or DOn Cheadle. While Cheadle wasn't bad, I preferred Howard. It was then the bus chimed in about Terrance being too greedy and pretty much screwed himself out of being War Machine, which is pretty much true. He pretty much would have made himself iconic, if he hadn't gotten greedy. (I find it hilarious that the bus driver chimed in too)

When we arrived to Main Street we talked about Stan Lee's cameo in the Avengers which was a gyp. We ended up talking about getting his autograph at the Next COmic Con. Also, how it will be a sad day when he finally passes on. Just thinking about such a thought make me teary eyed. Then, we all said good-bye. Afterwards, crazy me, instead of going to sleep watch Friday Night Who.

We watched Frontier in Space. By the time that ended, at around 3am, I was exhausted.

I cannot wait til this week. I will have the Second season on Xena in my grasp. MWAHAHAHA. Anyways, I'm off to sleep.

I hope the job I applied for calls me back this week. I'll give til this Tuesday before I apply to the other two place near me.

Also I leave you with this

Current Music: Super Hero Getter - Project.R